Home Video Surveillance – Best Ways to Protect Your Home Security

Surveillance cameras are now a common sight everywhere. You can find them in places like malls, banks, schools, hospitals, airports, casinos, and roads. They are also becoming a part of the home security system. The same way they help to curb crime and increase personal safety in public places, home video surveillance cameras also helps to protect you, your family, and belongings at home.

Whether you are worried about theft or want to keep an eye on your mischievous pet, home surveillance cameras provide you with that extra peace of mind with real-time feeds, a built-in alarm system, and other security features. It’s great that there are now several home surveillance systems you can choose from, with some devices having features like two-way communication, night vision, cloud storage, motion tracking, and HD video for excellent video quality.

Here are the best ways to protect your home using home video surveillance.

Monitor the Perimeter of Your Home

Installing home surveillance cameras is a great way to protect your home from trespassers. Combining several cameras will give you a 360° view of your property line and are a great way to keep an eye on unwanted guests in real-time or playback footage in the event of a robbery attack around your property.

See Who’s Visiting

Whether you don’t have a peephole on your door, or you want to be sure before you open your door to a guest, a surveillance camera can let you answer a knock on your door confidently. You can save data storage space by installing a motion-activated camera that only films when movement is detected in front of your house. With a small CCTV monitor in your kitchen or home office, you can easily see who’s at the door.

Nanny Cams for Child Protection

Your children are important, and it can be quite difficult to rest easy about their care when you leave them at home with the baby sitter or nanny. One way to have rest of mind and even see how the nanny is treating the kids when you are away is to have a surveillance nanny cam installed in your home.

The nanny cam is a small concealed camera disguised to loose to look like an ordinary household object. The home video surveillance is perfect for capturing child/nanny interactions and let you see what’s happening at home in a live feed or playback later.

Keep an Eye on your Garage

The garage is usually the easiest part of the home to break into and often house vehicles and other equipment, yet they tend to be security deficient. And sometimes, they’re left wide open in the full view of passersby.

Cars, trucks, motorbikes, and high-end power equipment are usually tempting to potential thieves. Therefore, protect them with something more than a rolling garage door and key. Install a visible home surveillance camera out of reach to let unauthorized visitors know that they’re not alone. The home surveillance system allows you to check up on your property even when you are on the road.

Keep an Eye on the Points of Entry to Prevent Theft

When criminals want to get into your home, they rarely try to use the front door. Therefore, ensure that you provide security to potential points of entry like windows, basement doors, and French doors. Although it is not necessary to install a surveillance camera at every access point around the home, it isn’t a bad idea to have an extra pair of eyes watching the windows and doors that aren’t visible to the neighbors, can’t be seen by people who may be passing by the street, blocked by trees, tall flowers, or other visual obstructions like a fence. 

Make Your Video Baby Monitor

The regular audio baby monitor does a great job, but if you want to work or relax in another room and don’t want to stand up every minute to check on your baby, set up a video baby monitor that transmits sound and pictures. With this, you can sit anywhere in your home comfortable as you watch your baby’s movements and activities in his room.

Installing the home baby surveillance camera is easy. Place the CCTV video camera in your baby’s crib, and have it broadcast the audio and video to the monitor where you will be staying. With this, when you hear your baby, you can watch the monitor and decide if you need to check in on him.

Protect Your Home Office

If you work at home or run your business from home, you probably have your work equipment, money, and inventory around. Installing a home surveillance video camera will not only help to prevent theft of your work valuables but also multitask by monitoring your staff, clients, and vendors as they come into your home throughout business hours. 

Watch the pool and play areas 

Although older kids are more independent and can show better judgment than younger children, they still need some adult supervision, especially if there’s a swimming pool or large playground equipment in your home. Even if you want to step inside the house for a minute, you can still watch the kids while indoors by installing a closed-circuit camera near the swimming pool or around the play area to alert you of any playtime mishaps.

Home video surveillance provides added protection and safety when installed in your home, and the above points are ways you can protect your home from intruders.